Crafting The Perfect CITY SC Game Day Experience

Okay, so the hype for St. Louis CITY is the real deal. If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the home opener, congratulations, you witnessed St. Louis history!

Maybe you have friends in town for an upcoming game and want to show them the best of Downtown West. Maybe you’re heading down to CITYPARK for the first time yourself. Or, perhaps, you had a few too many Schlafly Pale Ales on opening day and you need a little refresher on what to expect for round two…

Whatever the circumstance, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make the most of a St. Louis CITY SC Game Day – from start to finish:

Know Before You Go:

  • Join the St. Louis CITY SC Fans Facebook Group, your one-stop shop for all things CITY fandom. If you have a specific question about the game day experience, toss your question to the group or use the search tool to see if it’s been answered already (Psst! Chances are it’s been answered already!).
  • Parking is limited in Downtown West. It just is. Take the Metro! Seriously, it’s a piece of cake and there are stops outside Union Station every 20 minutes on Saturdays.
    • Pro Tip: Download the Metro Transit App before you leave the house and you’ll be able to plan your trip, track your ride and pay your fare, all on your phone.
    • If the MetroLink isn’t your cup of tea, there are a number of local restaurants running free shuttles to and from the stadium on game days. We’re partial to our South City neighbors, Bomber O’Brien’s, who are running shuttles to and from CITYPARK starting at 5 PM.
  • While the inside of CITYPARK is cashless, we found that many of the vendors set up for pre-game celebrations were cash only. So, bring a few bills if you plan to hang out at nearby tailgating hotspots like Maggie O’s or the Schlafly Tap Room.
    • Pro Tip: Consider grabbing dinner before entering the stadium at one of the many local food trucks stationed outside Lou Fusz Plaza. You’ll enter the game with a full belly, and avoid the dreaded half-time concession lines.
  • If your tickets are in the General Admission Supporter’s Section, we recommend getting in line early. Once gates open at 6 PM, the line moves QUICK (Hey, that’s a good thing!). Don’t be tempted to make that 5:50 PM port-a-potty run. Your friends will leave you in the dust and score front-row seats. You won’t be so lucky!

The Match Experience:

  • Bag Policy: CITYPARK, like most modern stadiums, operates under a Clear Bag Policy. Ultimately, it keeps the lines flowing – which we can get on board with. Learn more here.
  • Download the official STL CITY SC mobile app before the game. The “match day hub” includes access to mobile tickets, payment methods (for cashless pay), stadium maps, player lineups, and more.
  • As mentioned above, there’s a plethora of great eats stationed outside the stadium… however, the inside of CITYPARK is stacked with St. Louis food legends like Balkan Treat Box, Steve’s Hot Dogs, and Brasserie. We’d personally recommend BEAST Craft BBQ Co.’s pork steak sandwich. Just trust us.
    • Pro Tip: If you just need a quick snack, bottle of water, or beer, avoid the lines and head to the Wally’s Grab-and-Go station located inside the concourse.
    • One of the best values inside the stadium is the $12 bottomless aluminum cup that can be used at soft drink refill stations throughout the concourse.
    • The CITY app online ordering portal opens at 6 PM. Consider placing your food and drink orders before entering the stadium and you’ll be able to head right to the pickup counters once inside.
  • Wear your standing shoes: There’s a good chance that your section will stand for the majority of the game. Don’t be angsty, embrace it! Bring a good pair of tennis shoes and soak up the soccer bliss.
    • If standing for 90+ minutes isn’t feasible for you or members of your party, take this into consideration when selecting your seats.

The After:

  • If you opted to take a rideshare service to the game, jot this down: The Uber/Lyft pick-up location for CITYPARK is on Locust between 20th and 21st Street.
  • Win or lose, the energy will still be buzzing post-game. Head across the street to The Pitch Athletic Club and Tavern, where you’ll enjoy authentic pub fares like Fish & Chips and Chicken Pot Pie.
    • Do keep in mind that The Pitch operates by a no-kids-allowed policy after 4 PM.

There you have it, folks! Our hacks for the perfect CITY Gameday experience – can you believe we get 16 more of these in 2023?!

We’ll keep updating our list as the season goes on (and we hope to see you at a game or two!). If you have your own CITYPARK hacks to share, let us know. All for CITY!

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