Christy Park

A Circa Guide to Christy Park

Christy Park takes its name from William Tandy Christy, who founded the firm which became the Laclede-Christy Fire Brick Company?. The park starts at the intersection of Christy and Kingshighway right by one of the coolest firehouses in the city. The park leads south from the firehouse toward one of two playgrounds. Heading south toward Eichelberger on Christy, you will see one of the coolest scenes in South St. Louis...the Weasel Baseball Field. South City's own version of sandlot baseball.
Total area 0.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Population 6,904 (3,808 /km2)
Zip code(s) Part of 63109


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What's Nearby?
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